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Nanny's Pre-School is a State of Louisiana Certified Pre-K Center. Our Pre-K teacher holds a Masters of Arts degree in teaching for Pre-K through grade 5. Our curriculum is designed to fill the curiosity and desire of learning that every child is born with. Research has shown that we have greatly underestimated what young children can and should be learning. Therefore, your child will be introduced to new material on each age level so that he/she can progress steadily from year to year. Some of the areas covered will include the following:

It is important that good classroom habits, (sitting and staying in chairs, standing and lining up procedures, etc.) be established so that classroom time will go smoothly and academics can be taught.

Employed as the most logical and orderly way to teach children to read the English language. The children will learn the sounds of the vowels and consonants and will be able to sound out blends and complete words.

This subject is to help the child recognize and understand the concept of numbers, number discrimination, number identification and basic counting.

Practice in writing first names, letters, words, and numbers will be assigned according to the child's ability. Writing tablets are provided for this purpose.

Basic science concepts are introduced through individual classroom projects.

The purpose of music is to acquaint the child with a wide variety of music through classroom recitation and memorization. Fingerplays are also taught to help the child develop small muscle coordination, while rhythmic words and phrases help in developing memory skills. The "Kindermusik" program, which is included in our curriculum, uses high-quality recordings, instruments, and award-winning literature books along with traditional nursery rhymes and songs to build a strong foundation of music education. It also enhances other areas of development, including cognitive, emotional, social, physical, and language development.

Nanny's Pre-School has added the Promethean Interactive Display to transform ordinary lessons into captivating learning experiences. The ActivBoard makes learning come alive, encourages students to embrace technology, provides immediate feedback on student comprehension, and gives a new dimension of interactivity to lessons.

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